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» Vision into Action « June 2, 2013
TR'SURE: Free Training
Program Overview

Training must be offered to the people of Sierra Leone as the nation must strive to provide the tools for galvanizing its labor force. Sierra Visions is an advocate for providing training, internships, career development guidance and/or job placements for at-risk or working children, youth, and adults in rural and urban areas in Sierra Leone. Our ongoing Five-T Initiative: educaTion goal is to reverse the Brain Drain into Brain Gain in Sierra Leone. Sierra Visions launched its first Brain Gain Training Program - TR'SURE in Freetown, Sierra Leone in April, 2005. Sierra Visions continues to form strategic partnerships and sponsor qualified professionals in Africa and throughout the Diaspora, to invest, work, and train individuals and professionals in Sierra Leone with leading industry specific skills including but not limited to these key areas:
      ICT (Information Technology)
      Human Resource Management
      Finance & Accounting
      Sales & Distribution
      Customer Care/Service
      Business Administration/Entrepreneurship
      Health Care & Research, etc.

Program Objectives:
The TR'SURE program accomplishes the following objectives:
  Build lasting relationships and strong links amongst trainees in Sierra Leone and trainers in the Diaspora.
  Connect local and global expertise in education, health care, technology, business administration, agriculture and mining.
  Set directions with program participants in helping to transform information into knowledge, knowledge to wisdom, scarcity to abundance.
  Train local talent to connect the strength of tradition and culture with the power of new, exciting practices, ones they sustain and retain for years to come.

Program Description:
With the Support of the Ministry of Education and Industry Leaders in Sierra Leone; and well-trained professionals in the Sierra Leonean Diaspora, the program will Train, Sustain and Retain valuable knowledge, innovative methods and best practices in the above industries, which will in turn foster social and economic development in Sierra Leone. We expect trainers to design and deliver up to a week long courses in their respective fields, with guidance and assistance from Sierra Visions. Sierra Visions recruits designated Program Coordinators located in Sierra Leone for each industry. Each Program Coordinator would be responsible for organizing the training: including securing a location, logistics, and resources (people) to participate in the program.

Program Requirements:
Prior to each session, we conduct a feasibility study which includes:
  Identification of specific training needs of Sierra Leoneans in the above mentioned skill areas
  Nomination of experienced program coordinators and trainers that reside within and outside of Sierra Leone respectively
  Selection of a dedicated group of training audience or participants who would in-turn utilize their newly acquired skills to successfully train others.

Critical Success Factors:
  Support of public and private sector Education leaders, including MEST, University of Sierra Leone, Celtel Academy. etc.
  Industry Experts, serving as Program Coordinators in Sierra Leone
  Well-Trained and Experienced Professional Trainers in the Diaspora
  Dedicated and Committed Trainees in Sierra Leone, who will in turn train others
  Course Curricula that can fulfill Sierra Leone's need for leading edge skills
  Adequate Funding through Grants and Corporate Sponsorship

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