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» Vision into Action « June 2, 2013
Come. Back Home & Build our Nation
2007 Program Announcement:

In our efforts to reverse the Brain Drain into Brain Gain in Sierra Leone, we are actively recruiting a talented team of 'voluntary' expatriate professionals in the Sierra Leonean and African Diaspora to invest, work, and train local students and professionals in leading edge skills via distance learning, instructor-led format, and workshops/seminars in:
      ICT (Information Technology)
      Human Resource Management
      Finance & Accounting
      Sales & Distribution
      Customer Care/Service

Program Benefits/Requirements:
      Receive Housing (does not apply to distance learning trainers)
      Excellent Opportunity to Meet & Train Young Sierra Leoneans
      Become a Permanent Mentor/Coach for at least One Trainee/Intern
      Priority Consideration for 2008 or Future Travel Stipends
      Sustainable Contribution to Sierra Leone’s Brain Gain
      Unique Community Service Experience in Sierra Leone, & More…
No previous training experience required | All training materials provided
Potential Trainers may:

Prospective Students may:
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