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TR'SURE Past Program Summary
2006 Program Summary:
From October 22-24 2006, Sierra Visions delivered another free two day community training session at AccessPointAfrica’s internet café in Bo, Sierra Leone.

BG 2006 1There where a total of 14 participants, most of whom were students from Njala university, Bo Government Secondary School and Christ the King College. Also taking part in the training was a journalist from one of the local stations and two retired civil servants wanting to get a better appreciation of modern day technology. Courses taught included: Microsoft Word and Excel - Beginner and Intermediate level, Introductory session on Internet Concepts with focus on news sites, search engines and doing research topics and signing up and setting up email accounts. Sierra Visions encouraged maximum interaction with students by providing course evaluations and light refreshments.

TR'SURE 10/06  - 3All the participants where truly appreciative of the course with a 100% rating it as very beneficial, though 90% said they would have preferred the course was run over a longer period. The general consensus was that more community based training should be given on a more frequent basis. In true media style the participating journalist – Mohammed Sesay asked the question “So what is the true motivation of Sierra Visions?” In response, we reiterated the dedication, commitment and sincerity of the organization with a sole purpose of action through dedication and collaboration.
2005 Program Summary:
Sierra Visions conducted a needs analysis to effectively deliver training to college and vocational students, thereby building the capacity of institutions. Furthermore, Sierra Visions hopes to continue to give students the opportunity to sustain their newly-acquired skills and retrain others; and provide permanent job-placement and career advice to students as openings occur within our organization and the Sierra Leone work force. By forming partnerships with private sector firms, SBTS Group and PCL International , Sierra Visions launched the first session of the Brain Gain Training Program by developing and delivering a two-day computer course and course manuals in Microsoft Excel and Access 2000. SBTS Group  assisted by providing logistics, including the training classroom, lunch for the students, and fuel for the generator, despite the scarcity and hike in fuel prices at the time, while PCL Consulting provided us with computers and technical assistance . As a result of the success of the program, Sierra Visions was also featured in two editions of local Sierra Leone Newspapers:

Brain Gain Training Some of our next steps include:

  Continue to work with both public & private sector to keep the  Brain Gain Program ongoing for the various skills/areas
  Encourage students to maintain and retrain others in the various skill-sets they've learned.
  Ensure that all students have an opportunity to apply these skill-sets by helping them seek/maintain related jobs/careers.

Here are a few comments from those who participated in the course:
"In Sierra Leone, we do not receive computer training from other people in the country. Many people want to learn computer skills, but there is no money to do so. You pay for everything you do. I know Sierra Visions, Brain Gain will help in this improvement" Ms. Bangura Student

"Teaching the class was very fulfilling and I encourage anyone who wants to give back to use this as another venue.  The students were very grateful to us.  I was surprised that some came back the second day showing that they have studied. It shows what we could do if we just work together." Ms. Macaulay Co-Founder and Training Director

"The presenters were lovable, kind, and interesting. They taught very well for us to understand." Mr. Marsh Student
Brain Gain Training

"Excel is very much useful in my field of study, accounting. At least I can now use Excel to do my dissertation" Mr. Kabia Student

"I found the positive feedback and appreciation from the students during and after the training to be most rewarding.  One of the coordinators at PCL Consulting, even gave me the opportunity to help an FBC college student with his final-year programming project, and we've kept in touch via email since.  The Brain Gain and Gift to Succeed Scholarship programs would make a great impact on students and/or the workforce in Sierra Leone."  Ms. Davis Co-Founder and Training Director

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