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» Vision into Action « November 3, 2016
Sierra Leones education system faces major disparities in education as:
  70% of the country’s population of six million still lives on less than two dollars a day;
  64.9% are illiterate; life expectancy at birth is 41 years
  The likelihood of dying before the age of 40 is 47%
  Sierra Leone has one of the world’s youngest populations, with over 60% below the age of 35,
button   And almost 2 million between the ages of 15 and 35. The vast majority of these are unemployed, and over 1.5 million youth live in conditions of poverty

This has led to the following: loss of the nation’s best and brightest, worsening youth unemployment, limited livelihood skills, and increase in incidence of HIV/AIDS and crime.

EXCEL ( Education, eXcellence, Community, Empowerment, Leadership) provides high quality standards and research-based, supplemental education services to secondary school students, educators, and youth ex-combatants in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  EXCEL uses a non formal holistic approach to education and learning. Via EXCEL skill building, creative writing, literature circles, adult literacy programs, and character development workshops, our team seeks to open the doors to the many ways the youth can learn in Sierra Leone. EXCEL is an environment where young people can develop the confidence, skills, resources, and experiences needed to gain a better future. To that end, EXCEL is not just a program but a way of learning and changing lives.

The goals of the EXCEL program are to advance the leadership development of students by:
button  Inspiring and educating students to become self-motivated, confident learners through the use of non formal learning which, engages them in hands-on, participatory experiences that make learning fun;
button  Empowering students with the skills they need to become productive contributors to their communities and thus avoid the cycle of persistent poverty;
button  Exposing students to collegiate, vocational and professional possibilities in Sierra Leone and the continent of Africa by teaming them with influential advisors, guest speakers taking them on college tours and  field trips; and
button  Provide educators and community leaders with training and workshops on the use of non-formal education as a tool for design.

The EXCEL program builds and nurtures the whole student. We have dedicated team of educational leaders and volunteers from the United States and college students and teachers from Sierra Leone who serve as advisors, workshop leaders, and tutors. Working with education leaders, advisors and tutors who serve as role models, students will be inspired by their own ideas.  In the process, they become fluent with English, reading, writing, critical thinking enabling them to develop skills that will be useful in their future careers and, more generally, their lives.  More importantly, through the non formal approach to learning, EXCEL students form real bonds with the program staff and peers which help students gain self-confidence and a sense of their own potential.

Via EXCEL educational programs, our team will transform the education sector by providing education and technology skills, tools, and methods to students and teachers in Sierra Leone. In providing education and training we seek to equip individuals with knowledge, skills to enable them to improve their quality of life. Trainers are dedicated to providing these quality young people with every opportunity so that they can receive the motivation, nurturing and inspiration to be successful.

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