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Gift to Succeed Scholarship
The "Gift to Succeed" Scholarship
Sierra Visions believes that providing scholarships for at-risk children and youth who have been crucially affected by the 11-year war could contribute to the development of Sierra Leone and prevent a return to a conflict situation. The "Gift to Succeed" Scholarship Program is one method of following this goal. Through the "Gift to Succeed" Scholarship Program, Sierra Visions increases tertiary educational opportunities and access for students who otherwise would not have been able to receive a formal education.  This program enables students attending tertiary institutions in Sierra Leone to receive scholarships so that they could further their goals and prevent them from reverting to exploitative situations.

Each year, Sierra Visions provides a one-year scholarship to students attending universities or vocational schools. This scholarship may provide students with the cost of tuition, uniforms and a stipend for books. You may make a Secure Tax-Deductible Donation towards this program at any time.

The organization pursues students who will make significant contributions to the Sierra Leonean society. Applicants must excel academically, show exceptional leadership potential, and make an impact on their communities through service to others.
  A vocational, university level, or sixth form student
  Must be an exemplary student (Receiving high marks in exams and results)
 Well written essay of topic provided by Sierra Visions. (See links below).
  Complete a three-month internship program through TBC Salone, before receiving the scholarship
  Provide voluntary service to Sierra Visions to receive the scholarship for the next year

Recurring Scholarship:
Previous year winners could reapply for scholarship the following year. Only students who adhere to certain rules will be eligible for a recurring scholarship. A recurring applicant must provide school results; assist Sierra Visions with work in Sierra Leone; and send letter during the first month of school acknowledging receipt of the scholarship.

Winner will receive tuition for one year. Recipients are encouraged to apply for scholarship the following year.
Selection Process:
Scholarship recipients will be selected before the start of the school year. Applications will be screened during July and August. Selection is based on a well written essay, and school and exam results. Scholarship recipients will be informed of their win soon after. Payment will be made directly to their respective institutions.

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