August 21, 2003

Volume 1: Issue 1

Kuyeh Dondoya: Salone Unity Building A Strong Network

On Friday, July 11th, 2003, Sierra Visions, Inc. hosted its first networking event entitled “Kuyeh Dondoya”. Thank you very much for attending, the event was a success.

Participants included:
Vendors: Kambi Travel International, Leone Publishing and New Life Project
Guest Speakers: Mr. Hasssan Conteh, Dr. Cecil Blake
Panel Moderator: Dr. Bob Thomas
Panelists: Patricia Brown, Cecil John, Evelyn Lewis
Audience: A collection of positive professionals interested in the development of Sierra Leone

Event Details:

The key note speaker Mr. Hassan Conteh, Head of Chancery of the Sierra Leonean Embassy led a discussion of policies developed by the government to support entrepreunership. In his speech, Mr. Conteh encouraged Sierra Leonean citizens abroad to re-invest in their homeland, and identified specific areas requiring much needed private capital outlay, namely transportation, energy, mining, textiles, and agriculture.

The evening continued with invigorating discussions led by Dr. Cecil Blake, former Minister of Information, which gave rise to a passionate debate with one particular audience member over papers of the past versus action for the present. Further highlights of the event precipitated thought provoking questions posed by moderator Dr. Bob Thomas to a panelist of Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs.

Drawing upon their experiences, panelist members Cecil John, CEO of Virtual, Patricia Brown, CEO of Kambi Travel, and Evelyn Lewis, CEO of SBTS Group all rose to the challenge and offered sound advice on the opportunities and obstacles of doing business in Sierra Leone. Cecil John and Evelyn Lewis discussed information technology in Sierra Leone with topics ranging from internet connectivity, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), and Voice Over IP. Patricia Brown provided insight of the untouched areas such as Banana Island and Toko, and their potential for developing the Tourism sector.
    Event Results:

Energized and inspired by the stimulating, and intellectual discussions participants of the event took a call to action and formed an Investment Committee .  An invitation was sent to all participants who signed up.  This committee should support entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in different industries in Sierra Leone. 

The role of the committee will be to:
  • Serve as an incubator for entrepreneurs
  • Develop feasibility studies on sectors needing private investment
  • Seek funds to support ventures (grants, corporate sponsorship, private donations)
  • Obtain support from the Sierra Leonean government

Thank You:

Once again thanks to our speakers and panelist members. We would also like to thank Sierra Leonean rapper, Queen Ruffstarr, of Conscious Music Productions, who entertained the audience with original rap krio lyrics, and vendors Kambi Travel, Leone Publishing and New Life Project, your contributions were well received.

One thing was certain, the hope for re-building a better Sierra Leone was very much alive! 

    What's New?

Sierra Visions, in partnership with Kambi Travel, will support our 2003 “5 T” initiative: Tourism with Christmas in Sierra Leone: "Krismes na Salone". This vacation will provide an array of programs suitable for the whole family or just an individual.  Programs range from a day at a local resort, "Taste of Salone" event showcasing Sierra Leonean food, culture, and fashion, and business development seminars, e.t.c.   For more information please visit:

Please check out the new Sierra Visions’ Online Business Directory Presentation, which gives entrepreneurs and professional Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora the opportunity to showcase and promote their products and services on our website. Sierra Visions will provide features such as banners, links to their website, and full page ads. For more information, please review our Online Business Directory Page.

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