March 4, 2004

Volume 1: Issue 2

2004 5-T Initiative: Training

Brain Gain: Sierra Leone

Sierra Visions Inc. would like to thank all of you for your support in 2003. In this edition of our Quarterly Newsletter, we announce our new Board of Directors, Upcoming Events and Programs for 2004, SV Feature of the Quarter, SV 2003 Impact Report, and the long-awaited SV Investment Committee (SVIC) Invitation.

What's New

Sierra Visions would like to thank and welcome our Board of Directors:
  • Ms. Gemina Archer-Davies
  • Ms. Amelia Broderick
  • Dr. Robert Thomas
The list below describes our upcoming and ongoing events this year. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like more information or to sponsor any of our programs/events.

Program/Event Description
Power of $100 Scholarship Program
Ongoing program. You may make a secure, tax-deductible donation at any time
Annual Networking Event: July, 2004
Theme: Development Strategies for Sierra Leone - African Minds Speak
2004 5-T Initiative: Training
Reversing the Brain Drain into Brain Gain in Sierra Leone (TBA)
Annual Goods Drive
Book Drive for the Sierra Leone Library, Rokel Street, Freetown (TBA)
SVIC Business Plan Competition
Business Plan Competition for Sierra Leoneans (TBA)



2003 Impact Report

As an organization, less than one year old, Sierra Visions organized its first annual networking event. With the help of Sierra Leoneans in the community, we were able to seek panelists, a moderator, and other participants for the event’s success. We once again thank everyone for their help in making our first ever event a success. See you all at our next networking event this summer.

Another accomplishment in 2003 was the scholarships we were able to give to students. To launch our Power of 100 scholarship program, Sierra Visions awarded vocational students in Sierra Leone with scholarships. In 2003, we focused our scholarship on vocational schools. We selected two schools whose students would benefit from the scholarship. As we received more funds than anticipated, we granted four students scholarships instead of the planned two.

One of those schools, Rapid Engagement in the Acquisition of Practical Skills (REAPS) is located in Tower Hill, Freetown. REAPS has vocational program in which students attend for two years and graduate in January. On the second year, students intern at local businesses and NGOs for approximately four months. After their internships, most students are able to acquire a permanent position. There are 150 students registered at the school. REAPS also participated in the disarmament program in which it provided training to former combatants. The scholarship went towards tuition, books and one uniform. The scholarship recipient from REAPS is Miss Dah Sankoh. She was awarded $120 for her tuition and other educational expenses. Miss Sankoh studies office duties and would like to be a secretary after the completion of her studies.

Another school that benefited from the Power of $100 scholarship in 2003 was the New Life Institute (NLI). New Life Institute is part of New Life Project, a Voluntary Charitable Organization, founded by Brenda Williams, who is now the President of the Project. It was birthed from an evangelical campaign in 1994, when Brenda, Sonia Bangura and Adiatu Kamara felt the need reach out to teenage commercial sex workers and under-privileged young women. The Project is currently registered (since April 2001) with the Government of Sierra Leone, Freetown, under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs and is an affiliated Missions Team with Word of Hope Fellowship Church in Silver Spring, Maryland. The scholarship recipients from this institution are: First place, Linda During (awarded $100); Second place, Jeneba Alpha (awarded$100); and third place, Kadiatu Deen (awarded $40). >> Full Report

Sierra Visions Feature

Sierra Visions, Inc will feature a Sierra Leonean who has made exemplary accomplishment and given back to Sierra Leone. We welcome nominations of these people for our upcoming newsletters. Please briefly describe what your candidate has accomplished, and what they are doing currently to contribute to Sierra Leone’s development. Once we receive the nominations, Sierra Visions members will vote on a person who will be featured for our quarterly newsletters. The Sierra Leonean will be contacted for an interview before he/she is featured on our newsletter.

Melron C. Nicol-Wilson. Mr. Nicol-Wilson is the Director of the Lawyers Center for Legal Assistance (LAWCLA) based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I first heard about Melron when I attended the All Works of Life (AWOL) Awards in Freetown this past December, where he received the Lawyer of the Year Award. What amazed me about this award, apart from the others that were announced, is the reaction it received from the audience. Coincidentally, Mr. Nicol-Wilson was the only nominee for this award, and therefore, a sure win. As they announced his name, the audience cheered and I thought to myself, this must be a very famous man. >> Full Story

    Sierra Visions Investment Committee (SVIC)

Sierra Visions, Inc. proudly introduces the Sierra Visions Investment Committee (SVIC). This investment committee was established to contribute toward economic development Sierra Leone, West Africa. The ultimate goal of the Sierra Visions Investment Committee is to develop an innovative approach to improve infrastructure and industries in Sierra Leone. SVIC will serve as a politically neutral force that will work diligently to affect economic change in the country

If you are interested in joining the Sierra Visions Investment Committee (SVIC), please send an email to [email protected] by March 31, 2004. >> SVIC Invitation Letter


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