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» Vision into Action « June 2, 2013
ThinkBuildChange SaLone
ThinkBuildChange (TBC) Salone
TBCS hopes to inspire Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad to actively participate in the nations’ rebirth and specifically target Sierra Leoneans living in the diaspora and encourage them to return home for a massive “BRAIN GAIN” effort. This program will:
      Ensure that young SLs living in SL actively participate in SL development
      Ensure that young SLs living in SL are involved at every level of SL development i.e from planning to implementation
      Encourage SLs young and old in the diaspora to get involved in social development by engaging in community service activities when they are in Sierra Leone
      Highlight and monitor NGO/CBO activities in Sierra Leone so that SLs in the diaspora and at home are aware of development projects in SL
      Facilitate relationships between SLs in diaspora and local NGOs/CBOs
      Bridge the gap and continuing connections between Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad so that we can collectively work towards SLs development
      Provide capable volunteers for NGO/CBO development projects

TBCS Internship Program will provide students in SL with stipends so that they may engage and participate in development projects on local, district, and national level. Each intern will be assigned a mentor. Mentors will monitor student progress during the internship period, help students overcome obstacles, and also, serve as a resource towards the intern’s professional development. Students will work on projects being implemented by the state, private, or non profit sector, that are related to social development, such as adult literacy, women’s rights, agriculture, watsan construction etc. By doing the internship we expect students to learn about project management, fundraising, and gain valuable leadership and professional skills.

TBCS Profiles in Courage will highlight Sierra Leoneans living in SL doing positive things and contributing to the nation’s development in the public, private and non-profit sector. We will profile extraordinary Sierra Leoneans from the diaspora who have returned home to invest in Salone’s development. We will highlight everyday Sierra Leoneans professionals, civil society leaders, traders, students, parents, teachers, children, and all Sierra Leoneans who go above and beyond the call of duty and give more than is expected. We do this to boost the morale of Sierra Leoneans everywhere giving them a sense of pride in their people and nationalism for country

TBCS NGO/CBO Database will show all registered NGOs/CBOs in Sierra Leone including the sectors in which they work. Allowing anyone to be able to search for any kind of development project/activity being done in SL, identify the organizations implementing a particular project and contact them. We will update contact information for all NGOs/CBOs so that SLs in the diaspora can easily contact the organizations and arrange community service efforts. We will also provide a platform for NGOs/CBOs to announce their human resource needs and recruit volunteers among Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. ThinkBuildChange Salone database will allow those SLs who do return home and volunteer to receive updated information on the organizations and projects on which they participate.

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