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» Vision into Action « August 31, 2018
educaTion Programs
educaTion and training must be offered to the people of Sierra Leone as the nation must strive to provide the tools for galvanizing its labor force. Sierra Visions is an advocate for providing educational resources, professional training, career development guidance and/or job placements for at-risk working children, youth, and adults in both rural and urban areas in Sierra Leone.

ThinkBuildChange (TBC) Salone
Sierra Visions hopes to inspire Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad to actively participate in the nations’ rebirth and specifically target Sierra Leoneans living in the diaspora and encourage them to return home for a massive “BRAIN GAIN” effort. The TBCS Internship Program will provide students in SL with stipends so that they may engage and participate in development projects on local, district, and national level; TBCS Profiles in Courage will highlight Sierra Leoneans living in SL doing positive things and contributing to the nation’s development in the public, private and non-profit sector; and the TBCS NGO/CBO Database will show all registered NGOs/CBOs in Sierra Leone including the sectors in which they work.
TRainSUstainREtain (TR'SURE)
Our ongoing 5T: educaTion initiative is to reverse Brain Drain into Brain Gain in Sierra Leone. Sierra Visions launched its first Brain Gain Training Program - TR'SURE in Freetown, Sierra Leone in April, 2005. Sierra Visions continues to form strategic partnerships, and sponsor qualified professionals in Africa and throughout the Diaspora, to invest, work, and train individuals and professionals in Sierra Leone with leading industry specific skills including but not limited to these key areas:  ICT (Information Technology), Human Resource Management, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Distribution, Marketing, Customer Care/Service, Law, etc.
The "Gift to Succeed" Scholarship
We believe that providing scholarships for at-risk children and youths who have been crucially affected by the 11-year war could contribute to the development of Sierra Leone and prevent a return to a conflict situation. Through the Gift to Succeed Scholarship Program, Sierra Visions increases tertiary educational opportunities and access for children and adults who otherwise would not have been able to receive a formal education.

Education Drive: SV holds Education Drives to help promote literacy and education in Sierra Leone. Sierra Visions seeks out and accepts educational material donations for all ages throughout the year to benefit primary, secondary, and post secondary institutions, along with community libraries in Sierra Leone. You may also support this program by purchasing any resources from Barnes & Noble
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EXCEL (Education, eXellence, Community, Empowerment, Leadership)
EXCEL provides high quality standards and research-based, supplemental education services to secondary school students, educators, and youth ex-combatants in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  EXCEL uses a non formal holistic approach to education and learning. Via EXCEL skill building, creative writing, literature circles, adult literacy programs, and character development workshops, our team seeks to open the doors to the many ways the youth can learn in Sierra Leone. EXCEL is an environment where young people can develop the confidence, skills, resources, and experiences needed to gain a better future. To that end, EXCEL is not just a program but a way of learning and changing lives.
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