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I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do somehing that i can do. (Edward Everett Hale)


I have already planned to go to Sierra Leone

If you are already certain that you will be going to Sierra Leone sometime in the recent future then you have already overcome the biggest obstacle to community service and participating in the nations's development. Congratulations! The type and amount of service you can give is going to depend on your length of stay in Sierra Leone. You would have to be in Sierra Leone for atleast 3 weeks to be able to participate in a two week program, five weeks to participate in a program for a month and so forth. Why? Because you will need a couple of days before you leave to oriente yourself to your new surrounding and also to plan to leave. In order for your service exprience to be meaningful you must spend a considerable amount of time in Sierra Leone.

A one year committment would be the ideal, but not everyone can afford to do so. For students out of high school or recently graduated from University, a one year commitment seems most plausible. However, programs can range anywhere from two weeks to a year or more. Summer and Winterbreaks would be ideal for students as they will not have to take time out of their normally scheduled school calendars. And for non students it would depend on the duration of your already scheduled visit to SL.

I have not planned to go to Sierra Leone

If you have not planned a trip to Sierra Leone, what are you waiting for? Your Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters eagerly wait your return. We need you, we miss you and cannot wait for you to come back home. You may be asking yourself; "what can i do if i go to Sierra Leone?" Well, what cant you do? Sierra Leone is full of possibilities and opportunities just waiting for you. Depending on your interests, there are a range of NGOs and CBOs that could use your talent and energy in projects ranging from Childcare, to Micro-finance, Agriculture, Arts, and public health. Become an investor in a variety of projects geared towards social development. Or identify a need and start your own small business which inturn will provide employment opportunities for other Sierra Leoneans. This is not a volunteer effort but you can ThinkBuildChange Salone by becoming an entrepeneur. So though you have not planned a trip to Sierra Leone, check our list of NGOs, businesses and government ministries to see examples of ongoing projects in Sierra Leone and things that you could possibly get involved in when you do decide to plan your trip to Sierra Leone.

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Published on: 2007-02-16 (7102 reads)

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